Description of device

Purpose: Cutting and finishing polystyrene foams.
Operation: The device’s transformer generates extra-low voltage, which is used to heat the resistance wire to 370 - 420˚C (depending on the ambient temperature).
Polystyrene foams melt at temperatures as low as 80˚C, allowing the cutting wire to cut the material by evaporating it, with only minimal physical contact.
This technology has a number of major benefits over traditional cutting methods (blade, saw, etc.).
A few examples: - No cutting waste is produced. It enables high-precision cutting, eliminating the problem of distortion resulting from the resistance involved in physical contact. The surface of the finished materials will be perfectly smooth, as the beads are prevented from breaking off.

Safety requirements

1. The device should only be operated from a 230V power source with contact protection and fitted with a protective conductor and a 30mA current protection switch.
2. Check the integrity of the supply cable before each use. A faulty supply cable must not be used and must be replaced. The supply cable must only be extended or lengthened in accordance with applicable standards.
3. While in use, the device should be kept away from any flammable materials and should not be left unattended when turned on.
4. The device should be protected from strong contamination and any hard impact. Strictly avoid hitting, drilling or welding the device or converting it in any way.
5. Touching the heated cutting wire while operating the device is forbidden, as it is dangerous and can cause burns.
6. DO NOT short circuit the retaining pins and the cutting wire strands while the device is in use (i.e. do not connect these to any metal objects or other electric conductors).
7. The supply cable should be disconnected from the power source before replacing the cutting wire. Only use purpose-made cooling rib fitted wire with the device. NO OTHER wire type may be used!
8. The supply cable should be disconnected from the power source before replacing the fuse. 5X20mm/T1A glass fuses must strictly be used. The use of any other type fuse is forbidden.
9. Operators must read the entire manual before using the device and must receive safety instruction regarding the use of the device.
10. The manufacturer undertakes repairs during and after the guarantee period, and provides a continuous supply of spare parts. It is recommended that the device is repaired by a professional electrician.

Instructions for use and maintenance

Read the safety requirements very carefully, then install and operate the device in compliance with the requirements, as follows.
Connect the ends of the cutting wire into the retaining pins on the device and tighten the retaining bolts with the Allen key supplied. Be careful to ensure that the retaining pins are not rotated. If the cutting wire strands are not parallel only move them into the desired position after the retaining bolts have been loosened. Then re-tighten the bolts. Connect the device to the power source using the supply cable. - Please note that the transformer of the device has now been powered up and can only be powered down if the supply cable is disconnected from the power source. Turn the device on using the push button at the bottom. The cutting wire starts to heat up instantly and reaches its operating temperature in 25-35 seconds. -Ideal cutting speed: EPS:5-7mm/sec, XPS:2-3.5mm/sec.
- Maintenance: In addition to compliance with the safety requirements, the device must be kept clean. The cooling ribs and the ends of the cutting wire need to be cleaned after each use to remove any stains and polystyrene remains.
- Replacement of the fuse: The fuse box is labelled “Fuse”. Turn the cap of the fuse box anti-clockwise and lift it carefully, avoiding any lateral movements to prevent the fuse from breaking. Remove the damaged fuse from the cap, replace it with a new one and use the cap to insert the fuse into the fuse box. Turn the cap clockwise and tighten it, but avoid using too much force.
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Subject to the terms below, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty in relation to the electrical components of the device.
- During the warranty period, all accessories of the device, as well as the data plate on the device, must be kept intact and must not be removed.
- Disassembling the device or failure to comply with any safety requirement or instruction for use or maintenance will render the warranty void.
- The guarantee validated by the vendor and the receipt or invoice attesting the date and place of purchase will be necessary for making any warranty claim.
- The device and its carry case must be cleaned of any stains and all accessories must be included.
- The legitimacy of any warranty claim may only be assessed by the manufacturer, as this requires the professional disassembly and examination of the device.
- Any transportation of the faulty device and all respective expenses are the responsibility of the customer.
- In the event of a fault, the manufacturer will not provide a replacement device and will not be held liable for damages.

All Faddi products are certified by TÜV NORD to the strictest international safety and quality standards.

Warning: All Faddi products are protected by design rights. Any counterfeiting or copying, whether in whole or in part, will be prosecuted by international law.